We stand divided in our Bigotry and Hatred of even the ‘Other’ amongst us!

Well here is a letter of a pious “Muslim”. Look at his language and import. Is his bias and line of argument any different from any Hindutva exponent?

He forgets, Arif Muhammad Khan, Shahnawaz Husain, MJ Akbar, Najma Heptullah and a host of others (including the Abdullah’s and Mufti’s of Kashmir who for their own vested interests would sleep / slept with Hindutva and hand over Kashmir on a platter to the fascists), who are active proponents of Moditva! None to my knowledge (and in their own dreams) a Shi’a.

Is Azam Khan today silent because he too had converted to Shiism?

Where will these petty biases and hatred take us? It is all the more saddening that this letter is written by an Old Boy of AMU!

Does he reveal only his own personal ignorance and wickedness or is he representative of a larger malaise! For an answer to this simple question, I will wait for the responses which this letter would receive on the mailing group where it has been posted. At the moment I would give a benefit of doubt to those who allowed such a letter to be posted in the first place!

Till such thinking and communal and sectarian views persist, Moditva will go on succeeding and decimating you one by one!

Here is the text of the letter on an Aligarh forum inhabited by teachers and alumni of AMU:

“What is so curious about this Shia Hindu bonhomie. It’s a known reality since times. Brush up your history.

Nothing new, nothing surprising,nothing to be worried about.

From Al Qhemi, the father of treachery, betrayal, double speak and backstabbing. Who was vizier to the last Abbasid Caliph Muttasim Billah and  invited Halagu to Baghdad resulting in the historic destruction of the city and end of the Abbasids Caliphate(1258) to Jaffer of Deccan and Sadiq of Bengal, Shia political history is full of treachery and betrayal.

Their educational and intellectual excellence is superb producing some of  the greatest poets, writers educationist and thinkers.

However, their deviancy is based on a doctrine that till the coming or appearance of the hidden Imam all forms of governments are false and unacceptable. Hence their betrayal and treachery to bring down Caliphs, kings and rulers. The Nizam of Hyderabad is also reported to be victim of Shia courtiers. Who betrayed him to the Indian government and were accordingly rewarded with positions and governorship after merger of the state.

The exception to this doctrine was the late Ayatulla Khomeini, the architect of Iranian Islamic revolution of 1970’s.

He defended his leadership by promoting counter doctrine, that of Vilatayal Faqhi. (the governance of jurist) till the appearance of the righteous Imam.

They are very compatible to any system, isms and other religions that can enable them to maintain status quo till the appearance of the Imam.

I have some very good and kind hearted Shia friends. I am only putting facts to ink objectively.”

This was in response to an equally debatable column published on 9 May 2018 in the daily Indian Express

A Curious Friendship

Sad and curious state of Affairs!