A Free History Lesson for Bhakts

Meha Dhondiyal sends a free lesson in History for the illiterate Bhakt:

“I read that the CM of Uttar Pradesh, a much touted graduate, said this today: “Akbar, Aurangzeb and Babar were invaders. The sooner we accept the truth, all the problems of our country will vanish.”

I guess he slept through history in school so here is a history lesson for him and his Hindutva brigade:

Babur was the only one of the three who came with a conquering army to India. But he didn’t defeat the Great Hindu Empire. You know why? Because the Great Hindu Empire of India didn’t exist. He defeated a Muslim, Ibrahim Lodhi, at the Battle of Panipat.

Akbar, his grandson, was no invader. He was born in India – at the Rajput fortress of Umerkot, where his parents were refugees. He was married to the daughter of a Rajput Hindu King of Amber Raja Bharmal, and he never converted his wife to Islam. He celebrated Holi and Eid and all Indian festivals. His son from his Hindu wife became his successor, Emperor Jahangir. His son also married a Hindu princess whose half Rajput-half Hindu son became the next Emperor Shah Jahan.

                     Akbar wearing dhoti

Aurangzeb was the quintessential Indian, you could say. Stark, ruthless, staunchly religious bordering on the fanatical person but perhaps that makes him the closest Indian, truly comparable to the Hindutva fanatic of today, I think. Though he was not Indian enough to lynch as far as recorded history shows.

The Mughal Kings were as much Indian as you and me. They were not invaders. The were the Emperors of Hindustan, not looters. They were all probably more Indian than most of the NRIs kids for sure.

Lastly, do you know who were the most celebrated invaders? The early Aryans! Can the Dravidians blame all the problems of the country on the Aryans?

So please keep your ignorance to yourself. Either educate yourself or kindly keep quiet…”